The best litter box for kittens

by Debbye Turner | Last Updated: September 1, 2020

If you have a kitten(s) at home, then their bedding is a topmost consideration. A litter box is a little haven where the kittens go to relieve themselves. Your choice should be a comfortable place, sturdy, deep, and wide so that a naughty cat doesn’t stumble and fall.  

Other than that, it should be made of high-quality material so that it gives you value for money. When searching for one, you’ll be surprised at how hard it can be due to the many brands on the market? Worry less; we’ve assembled the top-notch picks for you. Below is a list of the best litter boxes for kittens to help you decide. Read on.

best litter box for kittens

Why buy a litter box for kittens?

Whether it’s a kitten or a grown-up cat, a litter is an essential item that you need in your home. Normally, cats will dig the ground when they want to go to the toilet. A cat litter box helps by mimicking a cat’s natural environment by providing privacy and comfort.

A cat will bury their waste by digging the soil with the paws, and a litter box is essential in eliminating smells or unpleasant odor. Due to this, many brands provide different products.

10 Best Litter Box for Kittens

Best Kitten FoodsRatingPrice
Kitty Go Here Litter Box⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Purina Tidy Cats Starter⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fresh Kitty Litter Box⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PetSafe Cat Litter Box⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nature’s Miracle⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
iPrimio Litter Box⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Van Ness Litter Box⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PAWISE Starter Kit⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
GreenJoy Litter Box⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Zhongheng Litter Box⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

 1  Kitty Go Here Litter Box


Although it’s made for the seniors, Kitty Go Here litter box is versatile and can accommodate any cat regardless of size. The makers of this litter box had one thing in mind, innovativeness. In our case, we’ll describe it as a game-changer product that any pet parent should have. Large and sturdy, even the rowdiest kitten can’t knock it off.

We love this bin’s opening, which is about three inches above the ground, whereas the external dimensions are 20x15x5 inches. This means that it has a suitable height for your little kitty to climb and get down.

The litter box comes in a unique and sleek design that lets you place it anywhere in your house.  Despite the simplicity, it’s highly functional, and the maintenance is easy. Although small kittens may spill the litter, the bin is easy to clean. This product is also ideal for felines that have problems in using the classic cat litter box enclosure.

  • Accommodates cats of different sizes
  • Sturdy with a stable bottom
  • Large-sized
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Kittens may spill the litter due to a low height opening


 2  Purina Tidy Cats Starter Kit


  Our next product is from Purina Tidy Cats, which is a big name in the provision of cats’ products. As the world’s best kitty litter, this kit is a value for money since it comes with everything you need for your newborn kitten. 

Inside the package, you’ll find the litter box, pads, and pellets to welcome your new family member home. It may appear small-sized; however, it’s pretty stable and can withstand a playing card’s force. The system is a money-back guarantee since it features a large size to deliver your little kitty’s best experience and comfort.

The sides are raised, and this is essential for keeping the mess inside, which minimizes tracking. Another thing to add is that it can support different pads from other brands.  Also, the system is well made and has excellent odor control properties that help keep your house smelling fresh. This bin can fit many kittens besides being easy to clean and maintain.

  • A value pack that comes as a complete set
  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-cat
  • Large-sized box
  • Has excellent odor control
  • Can support different types of pads
  • It’s pricey


 3  Fresh Kitty Litter Box


Fresh Kitty is a small-sized pan made for small kittens to keep their living environment clean and hygienic. It helps in collection and does a good job of minimizing tracking. The pans are available in either maroon or ocean blue colors, and you can choose the best design that blends with your decor. The sides are a little raised so that the litter stays inside, and your cat will not track.

The design also offers a perfect entry as well as an exit for kittens due to the low opening. Unlike some bins where the mess sticks on the surfaces, the Fresh kitty doesn’t hold, and this makes it easy for clean-up and maintenance.

Although they have a minimalistic design, they’re pretty stable, and your kitten will not tumble on them.  The quality is superior, and you have a guarantee of the best value. Lastly, the litter box is compact sized with an overall dimension of 18.5×15.2×4.8 inches, and therefore, you can find a suitable spot in your home to place it.

  • Doesn’t stick hence easy to clean
  • Reasonably priced
  • Different colors for easy selection
  • Compact size
  • Low opening for kitties to climb and disembark
  • Stable design
  • Don’t keep the odor away hence the need to use with scented litter
  • Only for small kittens


 4   PetSafe Cat Litter Box


Despite being pricey, PetSafe litter box is one of the best products on the market that comes with a host of incredible features. You’ll find all the features you need in one product. For starters, it features a removable tray that makes scooping a hassle-free activity. Also, you can refill the litter box effortlessly by just detaching the tray.

The same applies when you want to clean; simply pull the tray and clean it. Furthermore, the trays are disposable, and you can throw them away after detaching from the pan. One other thing, the trays have a lid-cover that eases the disposal process.

Best of all, this bin has great odor control since it has a high-quality litter that can absorb all the fluids and clumps the waste, thereby keeping your home smelling fresh. Also, it’s dust-free and doesn’t hold on your kitten’s paws. It’s a low profile design that even kittens can enter and exit with ease. Since the mess stays inside, you don’t have to worry about your floors getting all messy.

The trays have a plastic material that prevents leaking, which helps keep the floor dry and clean. You’re guaranteed the best quality since the PetSafe brand is a leader in pets’ products and innovations.

  • Suitable for height cats of all sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with detachable trays
  • Excellent odor control
  • Comes with high-quality litter
  • Non-stick
  • High-quality tray
  • It’s expensive
  • Cat needs training


 5   Nature’s Miracle


If you don’t like covering your kitten litter box, you may consider this open option to ensure their maximum airflow. Nature’s Miracle is designed for pet parents on a budget looking for a suitable litter bin for their kitten.

The first thing that attracted us to this product is the high sides. While agreeing to the fact that it’s hard finding a litter box that strikes a balance between height and entry, we feel that the design is commendable. With the raised sides, the kitty’s waste will stay inside, and hence there’ll be no chance of scattering on the floor and messing up your home.

Every cat owner would love a clean home, and Nature’s Miracle bin presents this opportunity. Hence, you find a suitable place to keep the tray, and your worries will be over. The litter box is super easy to clean mostly by the mere fact that the construction material is non-stick, which also makes scooping a breeze. Incredible! We’ll also need to mention the durability of this tray. As a pet parent, it’s pretty normal to have kittens around the home quite too often.

Well, one purchase is all you need since the material is top-notch quality. Don’t be cheated by the low price; it’s pretty a good bargain considering you’re getting value. That said, Nature’s Miracle will not disappoint. Their litter box is all you need for your little feline friend.

  • Easy to clean and scoop
  • Reasonably priced
  • High-quality material
  • Stable and heavy duty
  • Raised sides
  • Not a suitable option for a bigger kitten


 6  iPrimio Litter Box


Our next pick is iPrimio, which comes in a simple design and other features that are really impressive. It may cost more than its plastic counterparts; however, it’s made of stainless steel which doesn’t rust, and the cat’s waste will not stick. 

Secondly, we find the ergonomic design appealing since you can place it anywhere on your home without overcrowding everything else. Additionally, it has slanted edges and, therefore, will not harm your kitten as she climbs up and gets down. Another benefit of this bin is that it doesn’t absorb odor like plastic bins.

Therefore, you can be sure that your home will smell fresh all the time. Since the waste doesn’t stick, it’s easier to scoop and clean.  With an overall dimension of 23.5×15.5×6 inches, this bin is large-sized and can accommodate small cats as well as large ones. The sides are deep, and hence there’s no risk of litter spilling the floor.

The design incorporates two tiny holes along the edges that help in scooping. Also, there are plastic handles, and this helps when lifting the bin. The feet have some rubber material, and thus the pan will not slip or slide. This also helps in protecting the floor, especially tiles.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Has plastic handles for easy lifting
  • Two holes along the edges
  • Multi-cat
  • Easy scoop and clean
  • A rubberized bottom that doesn’t damage floors
  • Made of high-quality Stainless steel
  • It’s expensive


 7  Van Ness Litter Box


Van Ness Litter Box is a great choice for pet owners looking for a litter bin without breaking the bank. This pan boasts of open and straightforward design and a frame that makes scooping and cleaning a simple affair. 

Even better, the plastic material doesn’t stick to the sides, and therefore you can be assured that the clean-up will be easy and straightforward. Most reviewers approve of this product, and if you own a little kitty, you’ll be glad to discover that the profile is low. Hence, it’s easier for your cat to enter and exit without tumbling on the litter box.

You can also choose a convenient slot in your home and place this litter box without having to keep an eye on the kitty. With the best quality litter, your home will have long-lasting cleanliness. The framed design increases the height of the bin. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the litter spilling on your clean floors. Also, it minimizes the risk of tracking on your surfaces.

  • Easy scooping
  • Easy to clean
  • The framed design ensures there’s no spilling
  • Reasonably priced
  • Convenient size
  • May not accommodate larger cats


 8 PAWISE Starter Kit


PAWISE Starter Kit is for pet parents looking to bring a new kitten home. This starter package has everything you need to get started. For instance, there’s a small bowl that you can use to serve your kitty food as well as water.

There’s also a small toy that your cat can play with, and finally, there’s a scooping spoon. All these are available at a low price, and therefore we consider this package as a budget option. The first thing you’ll note is that it has a nice and beautiful color which will accentuate your home. 

Other than the elegant appearance, it is low profile, and this means your cat will climb easily and will also exit with ease. With a dimension of 10.5×14.5 inches, this bin is large enough to support your growing cat. However, it may not accommodate an adult cat and is only suitable for kittens. 

We are a fan of the plastic material used in construction. It’s important to note that this material is of high quality and will not hold the mess. In addition, it’s finely polished and stain-resistant. It’s easy to clean and will only take you a few minutes to get everything in order. Lastly, the product has a money-back guarantee and comes with a three-year warranty.

  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • A starter kit with a bowl, toys, and scooper
  • Sturdy plastic material
  • Low-profile design
  • Fine polish
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to scoop and clean
  • It may not accommodate a large-sized cat


 9  GreenJoy Litter Box


Our next product is the Green Joy starter kit for your kitten, which is a large bin with a dimension of 15.8×12.9×6.3 inches and a smaller-edged 3.3 inches. There’s also a scooper, a large litter mat, and a large bowl for food. 

The bowl is made of stainless steel for durability, and the base is rubberized so that it doesn’t slip and pour all the contents. The kit comes at a low price, yet it’s highly useful for your small kitten. The front area has a low opening, and therefore a cat can enter with ease. Also, the exit is easy, and the cat won’t tumble.

The recommended cat weight for this bin is five pounds or up to five months.  Therefore, it’s not suitable for large or adult cats. By virtue of being open at the top, this litter box allows for air circulation and keeping your environment smelling fresh. The quality of the material is eco-friendly, and if you care about the environment, this is the right pick.

It’s also non-toxic and doesn’t cause irritations. Besides, it’s made of high-quality material that doesn’t leak fluids on your surfaces. The sides are a bit raised, and this means that the litter will not spill on your floor. In addition, cleaning is easy since the shell is detachable.  The mat is made of soft foam, which is slip-resistant and waterproof. You can spot dirt and hence have little maintenance. The softness makes it ideal for the kitten to walk and rest.

The quality of the bowl is top-notch, and the food remains will not stick. With a wide base, your cat will not tip over and make the food spill.

  • Comes in a large design to accommodate your kitten
  • Reasonably priced
  • The package is all-inclusive with a scooper, mat and food bowl
  • High-quality material
  • Easy scoop and clean-up
  • Raised sides that prevent spillin
  • Only for small cats


 10   Zhongheng Litter Box


Our last item in our selection list is Zhongheng Litter Box, which is one of the best litter boxes for kittens. Accordingly, it’s a versatile product for use for other small-sized animals such as puppies and small pets. The price is reasonable, and hence if you’re on a tight budget, you could spare some dollars and grab this pan.

Price aside, the design is unique and features a detachable frame that you can remove for easy clean-up. With a 36x32x7 cm dimension, there’s every reason to trust that this size will fit your pet pretty well.  There’s no information as to whether the plastic material is eco-friendly. However, it will work best for you since it’s sturdy and stable.   

For a small kit, you’ll not need to buy an extra tray; yet, as your cat increases in size, this becomes necessary. The material is non-stick, and therefore, it’s easy to clean and dispose-off the waste.  Lastly, it can place a small bin anywhere in your home without cluttering your space. Thus, it’s a good choice for those who live in apartments.

  • Versatile
  • Large size
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to clean and scoop
  • Detachable frame
  • Small and low profile
  • Only for small cats




In this guide, we have analyzed the factors you should consider in finding the most suitable litter box for your kitten. Have a look! Design  The design you choose should allow the kitten to have easy access.

If the entrance is above the ground, it may be hard for the kitten to climb and get down. Ensure the sides of the box are low for her to enter and exit with ease. If she finds it difficult to use the box, there’s a likelihood that she may find a hidden area behind the couch and leave the mess there.   

Peculiar habit   

A kitten may not be having the skills to bury after she relieves herself. Due to inexperience, she can kick the litter all over and create a mess. If you realize your kitten behaves this way, choose a litter box that has higher ends. Where your kitten cannot easily access a litter with raised ends, find an enclosed place where the mess can be cleared easily without extending it to the living area. 


Choose a litter box made of plastic material or stainless steel, which is easy to clean and cannot rust. Ensure the material is strong and durable and will be used for a longer period without breaking.  A metal litter box can rust and deplete very fast, while wooden ones will absorb urine and emit bad odors. Remember, the issue here is to maintain a clean environment. It’s also cost saving when you buy a quality product rather than buy a cheaper one that will wear out within a short time.      

Number of kittens  

By nature, cats are known to mark territories by using their litter; that is why every time she goes into the cat litter box, the first thing to do is sniff and confirm she’s in the right place. Where the litter box is commonly used, you’ll notice she will sniff everywhere until she finds a clean place or a place she has marked as hers.

As a general rule, it’s necessary to have a box for each kitten.  When you maintain one for all the kittens’ chances of finding messes hidden in corners is very high. Let every kitten have her own litter box and to mark her territory. By doing so, you will enable your kitten to live a comfortable life while you enjoy living in a clean environment.   


Ensure you have a space available in your home where you will place the cat’s litter box strategically for easy access and convenience. The place should be in a free and convenient place for your kitten since, by nature, cats avoid relieving themselves in the open.

Ensure the box will be placed in the right area for her convenience and without obstructing free movements. The best place to keep the litter box for your kitten is a clean, quiet, and low traffic area where she will feel she has privacy.


Your kitten may not require a large litter box, but there is nothing wrong choosing a box which she’ll not outgrow fast but one she will use for a considerable length of time before you make a replacement. Remember, life is not static, and she is growing.  Within a few months, the tiny litter box will no longer be of use, and to prove so, she’ll kick the litter all over since she cannot leave the poop exposed.   


The older cats have no problem with sand-like litter, but a kitten is likely to ingest sand, which is dangerous to her health. You should avoid clumping litter for the kitten until she is 2 to 3 months old and can use them. The best cat

litter for kittens

is natural based litter, which she is not able to ingest.   


Cat litter may be scented or unscented. Take time to learn which litter is suitable for your kitten. The best kitty

litter for smell

should be natural based. Scented litter boxes will keep away odor, but you may be surprised your kitten would not like to go near and prefer unscented one. You cannot force her to select what is convenient for her at the moment, allowing her to change with time as she grows up. As your cat grows up, she will familiarize and adapt the litter box you choose for her.   


Naturally, cats need no training in using a litter box. Even when you bring one at home and put it somewhere convenient to your kitten, you will be surprised to learn she has already put it into use. If you use these factors, you will be assured your kitten will never leave your home in a mess, and you’ll spend an easy life free from odor and kitten’s mess.

From our review, the best litter box is made of high-quality material, has a suitable design and size, and serves your kitten’s needs. We hope that now you can shop for the best litter box for kittens with ease.