Best Dry Cat Food for Indoor Cats 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

by cattowncafe | Last Updated: August 28, 2020

Is your cat bored with feeding the same type of food day in day out? It is high time you changed your indoor feline companion’s diet to dry cat food if you haven’t done so already. Just like humans have a variety in their diet, does your pet need a balanced diet for healthy growth. They too get bored with one type of food all time. 


Cats may have been used to wet food for a long time and need you to try out something different. So now you might be asking why you need to change to indoor dry cat food. Luckily, most manufacturers have improved dry food to factor in a balanced diet. Here we have a comprehensive review and buying guide of the best dry cat food for indoor cats. So whether you have a senior cat or a kitten, this cat food review has value for everyone. Keep reading.

Why buy dry cat food for indoor cats?

Dry cat food is one of the healthiest cat foods, along with being cheap and stays long without getting spoilt. Saving you on time, you would have spent going back to the stores to buy more food for your indoor cat. Also, it’s easy to store, has smaller granules that make it easy to digest and promote a cat’s appetite. Let’s jump further and find out the best cat food brands.

Best Top-Rated Dry Cat Food for Indoor Cats in 2020

Product NameRating Price
Purina Beyond Grain-Free⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
9 Lives Plus Care⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hill’s Science Chicken⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Meow Mix ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Rachael Ray Senior Dry Cat ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
CRAVE High Protein Dry Cat⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Blue Buffalo High Protein Dry⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
IAMS Proactive Organic Dry Cat⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Solid Gold Gluten Free Adult Cat ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Royal Canin Natural Cat Food⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Purina Beyond Grain-Free Senior Cat Food Natural-Cat-Food                                                                    


Consist of Thiamine mononitrate & Vitamin D-3 Supplement Purina is a formula of senior cat food that is free of grains as grains are not the best for indoor cats because of their allergic elements, which might irritate their skin, leading to itching and discomfort. Proteins are good for the growth and strength of your pet. For this reason, we choose Purina Cats as the best cat food for indoor cats. This cat food brand is the healthiest cat food because it’s packed with all the nutrients that your senior cat needs to boost her immune system and stay healthy. It comes with different ingredients like ocean whitefish and egg, salmon egg, and sweet potato and High Protein Icelandic Arctic Char. Another reason why we choose Purina Cats is that it helps prevent hairballs. These unappealing things settle in a cat’s tummy after it swallows fur during the regular grooming. Notably, Purina has high fiber, which prevents hairballs from forming in your pet’s stomach. With this diet meal, you don’t have to worry about your cat gaining so much weight. Everything is well balanced to ensure your little feline friend stays healthy all the time. For your peace of mind, this meal consists of natural ingredients and doesn’t have toxins, flavors, or chemicals harmful to your cat. Also, it doesn’t contain corn, poultry-by product, wheat, or soy. Overall, we recommend Purina Cats’ diet for your cat for its high nutrients level and the fact that it keeps your cat healthy and happy.

  • Nutritious
  • Prevention of hairballs
  • Does not cause overweight
  • Easy on a cat’s stomach and is easy to digest
  • No artificial contents that may harm your cat
  • A client complained of large kibble-bits


2.9 Lives Plus Care(vet recommended Dry Cat Food)Plus-care-Dry-Cat-food.


Cats are very particular when it comes to choosing their diet. It can be frustrating having a picky feeder. However, the 9Lives diet meal comes to save the day since it has a unique formulation that your cat will love. Firstly, the diet comes in a natural flavor of egg and tuna. Without a doubt, your cat will go gaga and enjoy her meal. It’s a proper way to entice your cat with the sweet smell of a savory meal. Indeed, your choosy pet will find it hard to resist it. Other than the instant reaction of a meowing cat wagging the tail, the fur and the skin will look healthy after a few weeks. If your cat suffers from hairballs, then, this is the real deal. Something else we need to mention is that this food has nutrients that act as immunity boosters. Therefore, this keeps your cat free from ailments and will stay healthy and active. Accordingly, this cat food brand ensures the digestive system is operating well because it regulates the urine PH. Also, it is one of the vet recommended cat food that reduces weight gain, which is a significant cause of urinary infections for indoor cats. Your pet should not dread going to relieve herself because of the burning sensation, which can be prevented with a proper diet.

  • Useful in preventing urinary tract infection
  • Rich in vitamins to keep diseases at bay
  • It is cheap if you have many cats
  • Easy to digest
  • Immune booster
  • Full of nutrition
  • You might need to mix with another diet if it is the first time you are feeding your cat.


3.Hill’s Science Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food


For this reason, they need a diet that takes care of their energy needs. Hill’s Science is the healthiest cat food and a right choice if you’re looking for a well-balanced and full of protein diet for your carnivore. This best cat food is made from a special formula that promotes your cat’s energy needs. Likewise, an adult cat requires a well-balanced diet with all the nutrients to support their overall health. It’s the best dry cat food for senior indoor cats and encourages growth. Some of the essential ingredients include DHA, which is derived from fish oil. This nutrient helps in brain development and takes care of the eyes. Similarly, it has all the minerals to promote the development of strong bones as well as teeth. Your kitty can eat this kitten food easily and will not have an upset stomach since it’s digestible. This means that the essential nutrients will be absorbed into the body for your pet’s well-being. It’s a versatile diet that you can also feed young kittens since it’s easy to digest kitten food. You’ll also not have trouble with cleaning the litter box due to loose stools. The kibbles are in good sizes that your cat can easily snack.

  • Easy to digest
  • Contains all the minerals necessary for growth and development
  • Contains proteins vital for lean muscles
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Has fish minerals for eyes, teeth, bones and brain development
  • Versatile for even young kittens
  • Ideal sized kibbles
  • Some pet parents think the kibble sizes have changed and are now big clumps


4.Meow Mix (Best Quality Affordable Dry Cat Food)


It’s understandable since finding a diet with the right nutrient mix can be an uphill task. The situation can get even more complicated if your cat suffers from allergies and will need grain-free dry cat food. For sure, you’d want a diet that your cat will enjoy feeding on and easy to digest. Given this, we recommend the Meow Mix food cat, which comes with everything you need to ensure your cat stays healthy. First things first, the diet is deliciously packed with a pleasant flavor that your cat will enjoy. Even better is the small granules that your kitty can chew easily and which will encourage digestion. You don’t need to fill a whole dish for your cat to feed. Just a small portion of serving depending on your cat’s age is enough to last the cat feeling full the entire day. For an indoor cat, the cat might have fewer options when it comes to exercise. Other than lazing around the couch, the meal keeps your pet energetic to move around. This diet is a low carbohydrate dry cat food and suitable for inactive cats. Also, it is one of the premium cat food brands.

  • Chewable granules
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Pleasant flavor
  • Small digestible granules
  • It is good when you are introducing your cat to an adult meal.
  • A buyer complained of their cats vomiting probably because of overfeeding.


5. Rachael Ray Senior Dry Cat Food


If you’re looking for high-quality best dry cat food for adult cats and you’re on a tight budget, consider the Rachael Ray diet. It is a big name when it comes to premium food for pets. It’ll cater to your cat’s nutritional and dietary needs. Certainly, it’s one of the healthiest and best dry cat food for your indoor cat. On the label, you’ll find all the ingredients for this diet, including their percentage quotient. This makes the food easy to digest, giving your feline friend a comfortable tummy after feeding. What is more, it has chicken fat enriched with omega that is well known to keep your pet looking good with shiny hair and vibrant skin moisturized to prevent dryness and itchiness. This diet contains authentic chicken, which provides high protein content besides being yummy for you carnivore friend. It has some fiber to keep your pet’s weight in check. Your cat is surely going to enjoy the taste of this meal.

  • Inexpensive
  • Natural components
  • Packaged in different sizes
  • Easily digested
  • Kibbles are suitably sized
  • The product has some corn that causes cats to diarrhea


6. CRAVE High Protein Dry Cat Food


Every pet parent would be delighted to see their cat meow with happiness as she snacks on a delicious meal. Why not surprise them with this delightful yet highly nutritious meal from Crave store. It’s one of the best dry cat food in 2020. After going through various reviews of cat food brands, we feel that Crave is the best cat food for indoor cats due to its high protein content. Since it’s dry cat food, you won’t have trouble with storage. This sumptuous meal is packed with all the goodness for the well-being of your indoor cat. It contains protein from Salmon and Chicken, which promotes healthy muscles. Furthermore, it has a chicken flavor that your cat will love. Another thing to add is that this food is grain-free and easy on your cat’s stomach. The nutrients present in this diet aid indigestion. Additionally, it has no corn, chicken-byproduct, wheat, or soy protein. Hence, you’ll be at peace knowing that your cat won’t react to the diet. The kibble bits are average-sized, and this makes it easy for the cat to chew and swallow. Overall, the diet is safe, and you can feed your cat and her kittens. Pros Easy to digest Average-sized kibbles Packed with nutrients Has protein for muscle development Grain/soy/wheat Tasty food Reasonably priced Good nutrition value Cons One client complained of her cat throwing up in the initial days after introduction to the diet.

7.Blue Buffalo High Protein Dry Cat Food


If all family members get a balanced diet at all, as a rule of the thumb, the same should apply to your other member, the cat. It is for this reason you need to buy your pet Blue Buffalo for it’s good, well prepared and best dry cat food. This food product is assuredly going to make your cat happy as she takes her delicious meal. Moreover, it is full of healthy ingredients that will make your pet strong and healthy. It is known to boost immunity and increases the lifespan of your feline friend. The recipes have been designed to suit different types of cats, so you will have a variety to choose from. It comes with a wide range to choose from, but it is also a quality cat food that stays for long without spoiling, making it cost-effective. The feed is packed with high fiber, which is good for the digestive system of your cat. It is added fish content full of omega-three and amino acids that will make your cat’s coat good looking. Your pet will find this food delicious, but it is also good for their immune system. Pros Good for building cat muscles Boosts immune system Improves the pet’s coat Deliciously prepared to encourage feeding Keeps weight in check Cons Expensive It reacts with some cats’ digestive system upon introduction leading to vomiting.

8. IAMS Proactive Organic Dry Cat Food

FeaturesIAMS Proactive Health Adult

that your indoor cat is going to add too much weight?If so, then IAMS Proactive is an ideal meal you might want to consider. Indoor cats tend to add extra pounds because they are not so active, and unfortunately, shedding those pounds is not easy. For you to avoid this, it is good to buy food that keeps weight at bay. Your grooming feline companion might develop a hairball when there is excess fur coming off. This feed will help prevent that and ensure the cat has full fur and looks all beautifully groomed. Another cause of worry is that hairballs cause discomfort and might interfere with feeding. With this diet, You don’t have to worry about hairballs if your cat has long hair. The balanced protein is good for the feline’s growth, which makes her strong and well-built muscles. Pros Good for all ages and sizes Helps in proper digestion Advised for pregnant and nursing cats Prevents hairballs Has all nutrients that boost a cat’s immunity Delicious with an irresistible taste Cons You will need to dig deeper into your pocket to purchase a bag of the feed.

9. Solid Gold Gluten Free Adult Cat Food


For starters, it has a unique combination of the ingredients that will leave your cat satisfied and energetic. Also, the carbohydrates and proteins help the cat’s gut to be in perfect health. These nutrients in this diet make digestion easy and give your pet a beautiful look at her fur while the high fiber flushes out any hair that the cat swallows when grooming. Also, this product is highly recommended for cats with sensitive tummies and those allergic to some ingredients. If your cat frequently vomits after a meal, it is time to change their diet to this one, and you will say goodbye to wiping vomits all day. This meal will keep your cat looking forward to eating their delicious food. For a transition from one type to another, this is just the ideal one. You won’t keep chasing your pet during feeding time. Pros Easy to digest Prevents vomiting Has all the nutrients Wheat/soy/gluten-free Has a pleasant taste Cons Not ideal for little kittens.

10. Royal Canin Natural Cat Food


Our next diet in our recommendation list of the best dry cat food is Royal Canin, which contains all the nutrients vital for your cat’s health and well-being. This cat is specially made for cats over one year old and who suffer from stomach sensitivity. Therefore if your cat has problems dealing with allergies, this is an excellent choice. One unique thing about Royal Canin is that it has dietary fibers and prebiotics that are well blended to ensure the food is fully digested. Also, you’ll not have trouble dealing with loose stools. The kibbles come in a ring shape that this is to encourage your cat to munch slowly, which aids in preventing indigestion. Your cat will love this diet since it’s tasty and attractive. In addition, the nutrients help in building stronger bones and teeth. Therefore, this prevents plagues and promotes good dental health. Your cat will have lean muscles, and despite being inactive, she’ll not add weight. This diet results will be visible after a few weeks when your cat will have a beautiful looking and neat coat. Pros Has a pleasant taste Have nutrients for boosting your cat’s health Helps in bone and teeth development Your cat will have lean muscles Minimizes hairballs Gentle on the stomach Has prebiotics which ensures food is wholly digested Cons For a sensitive cat, you may need to mix with another diet for the first time until she gets used Factors to consider when buying Best dry cat food for indoor cats You will need to check for a formula that best suits your indoor pet. Not all dry foods in the market could be ideal, especially for your indoor cat. Is your cat active or not? Your cat may be the passive type that just enjoys lazily lying on the couch or her bed. For such, you might want to choose dry food that will not increase their weight too much. An active cat may easily burn away the calories, especially if it roams outside the house’s confines. Even if she eats any kind of food she finds out there, you will not spot her in one place almost the whole day. Your indoor cat might be active, but also due to the limitation of space within the house, she might not engage herself in so many activities. You might want to consider a low carbohydrate diet since their energy levels are not high. You should get dry cat food that will control weight, but it has the nutrients required for a healthy cat. You do not want your cat to be overweight because she will have health complications like diabetes and arthritis and limit their movements. On the other hand, a healthy cat with the correct weight is happy, active, and able to move around comfortably. Food formula Check for the healthiest best dry indoor cat food in the market. Good dry cat food is rich in protein. For indoor cats, it should have fiber to help digestion and burn calories because of their inactivity. It should have some protein, preferably chicken so that your cat feels full for long. The diet should factor in a formula that will reduce hair from shedding since indoor cats. Shedding of hair is not good for your cat because she will end up swallowing it during grooming. To prevent hair from coming off, you might want to look for a formula with omega 6 and 3 fatty acids to give your healthy pet hair. Now that you are buying dry food for your feline friend does not forget to fill their bowl with clean water to avoid dehydration. Grain-free food is also the best because cats are known to be carnivorous and will not enjoy grains for a meal. Most of the grains found in dry cat food are corn, wheat, rice, and barley, which are commonly not allergic to your cat, but since your cat is indoor, it would be best to avoid them. If dry food is quality, your feline companion only needs half a cup of food every day and enough water. Size of the granules The dry food should have small sizes such that any age of your cat can chew it with ease. Most of it is crunchy and flavored to bring satisfaction to your pet. You would also want to consider small granules for your pet’s dental care because you do not want food sticking on their teeth as they enjoy their meal. The food your pet is tasty chewing encourages them to eat enough. Age of your cat If your pet is a senior cat and aged seven years and above, it would be best to buy her food that is good for her health. There is no specific age at which you need to shift to senior cat food, but you may want to consider their health first. There isn’t much difference between senior cat and adult cat food because their dietary requirement is the same. Since she is not active, your senior indoor cat might want to reduce carbohydrate intake in their food. A young cat might be active or playful if it is a kitten, and their diet needs some small portion of low carbohydrate food for energy. Kittens might experience allergy when given dry food that has grains, so it would be good for you if you have kittens to give them grain-free food. You also need to know the right portions of dry food to give your indoor cats. First time If your pet has been eating wet food and is introducing her to dry food, it would be good for you to be patient with them. Their taste buds might not accept it first but do not give up. You can give your indoor pet the usual food and the dry food and gradually reduce portions of current food and eventually stop giving them such that they remain with dry food only. Conclusion Before you buy that packet of best dry indoor cat food, check the ingredients on the park to ensure it has protein and low carbohydrates rate. Proteins help your pet grow healthy and prevent them from becoming underweight. They also help their coat appear shiny. Ensure fat content in the food is low because they are indoor cats with restricted movements and activities and may end up being overweight affecting their mobility and health. It’s more severe in senior cats that are already slowing down with age. The diet should be free from artificial flavors and preservatives. You might want to go for food with minerals and vitamins to ensure your pet’s immune system. If you are not sure what to feed your indoor cat with, you can seek your veterinary doctor.